About The Sleeping Expert

The Sleeping Expert came about because finding a good night of rest was starting to become impossible. There was no consideration for personal needs when shopping for mattresses, pillows, and bedding in person. It was a high-pressure sales environment. We thought that there could be a better way.



We created a community where people can discover what it means to rest well every night. It’s not just the mattress that is important, although a supportive mattress is essential.

Sleep can be interrupted in so many ways, even naturally, that it becomes necessary for each one of us to look at our needs, how we sleep, and other individualized routines and habits to reduce those interruptions.

We wanted a community where you could easily shop for your personal needs on your own time without the high pressures of a sales environment. With comprehensive reviews, research into sleeping habits, and other sleep aids to consider, our goal is simple: to help everyone have their best night of sleep every night.

Wishing You A Good Night’s Sleep,