20 Things to Look for when buying a Mattress
20 Things to Look for when buying a Mattress

Buying a mattress is an important decision since you must sleep well.

Good quality sleep is so essential for good health.

Moreover, you do not buy a mattress every day, week, month, or year.

What you buy today is something that you will have to stick to for a couple of years and maybe even decades.

So, you must choose wisely and select what is best suited to your needs. For that, you must read the best mattresses of 2021 reviews.

20 Things to Look for when buying a Mattress

Here are some criteria that can help:

What to Look for in a Mattress?
What to Look for in a Mattress?

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The bottom line is, What can you afford?

The mattress that you buy must be within your budget. There could be a considerable difference between beds depending on their construction and branding. Typically, foam mattresses turn cheaper than those made with latex or are hybrid.

Mattresses made with organic or natural materials also come with an expensive price tag.

Sleeping Position

Different people sleep in different positions. Some are back sleepers, while others could be side sleepers, stomach sleepers, etc. Whatever position you prefer to sleep in, you must choose your mattress accordingly.

People who side sleepers should choose from a mattress that is either Medium Soft or Medium Firm.

Those that are back sleepers may choose from Medium to Firm.

On the other hand, Stomach sleepers usually prefer Medium Firm to Firm since such mattresses provide more support and are great for aligning the spine.

Types of Mattresses

Type of Mattress

You can choose from different types of mattresses that include:

  • Memory foam
  • Coil
  • Latex
  • Hybrid or
  • Organic


You can also choose the mattresses according to the kind of contouring that you want from your bed. If deep conforming is what you desire, you should opt for a mattress made of memory foam. On the other hand, if you seek moderate contouring, you should look for a bed made of latex or polyfoam.

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Quality of Materials

You must keep in mind that All good things cost money!

So, you should look out what kind of materials are being used to construct the mattress. If a company is trying to cut corners in its construction, it may offer you mattresses at a low price, but it won’t last long. Such a mattress is likely to be worn out quickly and might require an early replacement.

Thus, it would be best to opt for a mattress manufactured with sturdy and superior quality materials. That is what makes the best mattress in the world.

Firmness Level

One of the most important factors to consider while buying a mattress is its firmness. You should choose one that you feel comfortable while sleeping in. Apart from your sleeping position, your body weight is also likely to play a role here. Heavy sleepers usually prefer firmer beds so that they not just get more support but also avoid getting sunk into the bed.

On the other hand, lightweight people do not need that much support and prefer something soft to sleep in.

Pressure Relief

Yet another essential thing to consider while buying a mattress is that it should provide good pressure relief in certain parts of your body, such as the hips, neck, shoulders, lower back, spine, etc. The basic idea is to sleep well and not wake up sore and achy.

Some mattresses can effectively relieve pressure from specific body parts while ensuring good spinal alignment, joint support, and comfort.

Motion Isolation

If you sleep with a partner, pet, or even your kids, then you should choose a mattress that comes with sound motion isolation. This is because a mattress with poor motion isolation can disturb your sleep if your partner moves or changes position while sleeping.

Ease of Sex

Combination sleepers and people who have an active sex life prefer having a mattress that allows easy movement on the bed. They would choose their mattress to be more responsive than one that makes them feel sunk into the bed. Latex and hybrid beds are a great choice for such people.

Edge Support

Usually, mattresses are supposed to have their weakest point near their perimeter. However, some beds come with excellent edge support. Heavy sleepers usually prefer such mattresses that come with good edge support. Hybrid and latex mattresses provide better edge support as compared to memory foam.

Temperature Regulation

If you are one of those sleepers who sweat a lot and wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot, then you should be looking for a mattress that keeps you cool and is excellent at regulating temperature.

Memory foam makes you feel hot, while latex can help you sleep cool. Many mattresses now use the cooling gel in their construction to regulate temperature and enhance breathability so that you can sleep cool.


Last but not least, you don’t want to sleep on a mattress that makes a lot of noise. This is particularly true in the case of mattresses that use coil in their construction. However, modern hybrids that use various materials usually cover the noise factor quite nicely. Foam and latex beds are also supposed to be noise-free.

How Should Firm Your Mattress Be in 2022?

One of the most important factors to consider while buying a mattress is its firmness. It’s a matter of personal choice and comfort. There isn’t anyone firmness level that suits all. Different people prefer a different firmness depending upon their sleeping position, body weight, active or non-active lifestyle.

Here’s a 1-10 scale to help you understand how firmness is usually rated and understood:

Level Firmness
1 Extremely Soft
2 Extra Soft
3 Soft
4 Medium Soft
5 Medium
6 Medium Firm
7 Firm
8 Firm
9 Extra Firm
10 Extremely Firm

It is essential to mention that mattresses at the far end of this table, i.e., 1-2 and 9-10, are not preferred by most people, and they are tough to find. Companies do not manufacture them since there’s almost no demand for them.

What firmness level do people prefer?

More often than not, people choose between Medium (5) to Medium Firm (6) to get enough support and vary their position easily in bed. This range of firmness usually satisfies most people except for those heavyweight who want extra support and firmness in their mattress.

I would also like to point out that most hotels use mattresses within the firmness range of 5 and 6.

Firmness By Sleeping Position and Body Weight:

Even though the firmness you choose is a matter of personal preference, your body weight and sleeping position are two critical factors since they determine the kind of pressure that you exert on the mattress while sleeping.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into it and see what different people prefer according to their weight and sleeping position:


  • who are lightweight (under 130 lbs) prefer soft mattresses (3) to Medium (5)
  • who weigh between 130 kg -230 lbs prefer beds that are Medium Soft (4) to Medium Firm (6)
  • who weigh over 230 lbs prefer beds that are Medium (5) to Firm (7)


  • who are lightweight (under 130 lbs) prefer mattresses that are Medium Soft (4) to Medium Firm (6)
  • who weigh between 130 lbs -230 lbs prefer beds that are Medium (5) to Firm (7)
  • who weigh over 230 lbs prefer mattresses that are Medium Firm (6) to Firm (8)


  • who are lightweight (under 130 lbs) prefer mattresses that are Medium Soft (4) to Medium Firm (6)
  • who weigh between 130 lbs -230 lbs prefer mattresses that are Medium Firm (6) to Firm (7)
  • who weigh over 230 lbs prefer mattresses that are Medium Firm (6) to Extra Firm (8)

Simple Steps to Choose Firmness of Your Mattress

More often than not, people like you and me get confused about what firmness level we should choose. Here are some simple steps that can help:

  • How Do You Feel On Your Current Mattress – To begin with, you must take a clue from your current mattress. If you feel it is soft for you, you should consider buying something that is more Firm, and if you think it is hard for you, you should opt for a somewhat softer mattress. You can also choose to put a mattress topper on top of your mattress if you do not want to spend a few hundred dollars on a new mattress.
  • Take A Clue from the Hotel Bed – Now, this one is for those people who have recently slept in a hotel bed. Most hotels usually keep Medium to Medium Mattresses. You can take a cue from this, and if you feel it is right for you, choose a Medium or Medium Firm mattress. Otherwise, you can vary the firmness accordingly.
  • Try Visiting a Mattress Store – One of the best ways is to visit a mattress store and find out what kind of firmness you should go for. Try to lie down on a mattress for a few minutes to determine what suits you and what you need. However, you don’t have to purchase the mattress from the store, and nobody can complete you to do so. Compare the prices and other features online before placing your order.
  • Opt for a Reversible Firmness Design – Even after taking the above steps you are not sure of what you want, then it is better to opt for a mattress that offers a design that comes with two kinds of firmness and is reversible. For instance, it could be soft from the top and harder or firmer from the bottom and used from both sides.

More importantly, it would help to keep in mind that most companies offer a trial for at least 100 nights online. Some have a trial period of 365 nights to change or replace your mattress if you are not satisfied or happy with it.

Sleeping Positions and How They Matter

Even though I have mentioned above that sleeping position and body weight are some of the significant factors that need to be taken into account while selecting a mattress, here’s a little more on how your sleeping position is important:

Your Sleeping Position

Side Sleepers:

The human body is designed so that the most expansive areas of your body include the shoulders and hips. It means that while you sleep on your side, these two areas are likely to exert more significant pressure on the mattress and the joints in these body parts are likely to become pain points.

It’s also important to note that if the mattress is too soft and these body parts get sunk too deep into the bed, your spine will not be in neutral alignment, putting extra pressure on the spine.

  • Lightweight people have the same pressure points for side sleepers under 130 pounds, but they are less likely to sink deep into the mattress. This is why they can do with a softer mattress and more cushioning.
  • For those between 130 and 230 pounds – Such people are more susceptible to sink into the mattress as compared to people who weigh less, thus, they should opt for Medium Soft to Medium Firm so that they not only get enough support and their spine remains neutrally aligned but also experience pressure relief.
  • For people over 230 pounds – People in this weight range need a firmer mattress so that their shoulders and hips do not get sagged deeper into the mattress. Such people should opt for a Medium to the Firm mattress.

Back Sleepers

Your spine has a slight natural curve in the lower back, and this part is known as the lumbar spine. This part of this is particularly prone to pain if it doesn’t get enough support.

There has to be a delicate balance of softness and firmness to avoid pain in the lower back in back sleepers. What I mean is that if your lower back gets sunk too deep into the mattress or does not get enough cushioning, you are likely to experience pain in your back. This is why back sleepers usually prefer Medium to Firm mattresses.

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  • For back sleepers under 130 pounds – Lightweight People prefer mattresses on the softer side of Medium to Firm because they are not that prone to getting sunk into the bed compared to heavier folks.
  • For those between 130 and 230 pounds – For such people, the best option is Medium Firm or Firm since they provide reasonable support and just the right cushioning so that they do not experience any lower back pain.
  • For those over 230 pounds – This is the category of people who should be better off with a firmer mattress so that they do not get sunk into the bed. Such people should choose a Firm mattress.

Stomach Sleepers

As compared to back sleepers, stomach sleepers are at an even greater risk of suffering from back pain if their bellies get sunk deeper into the mattress and their spine gets out of alignment. Another point to consider here is that stomach sleepers don’t seek a mattress that comes with many hugs since it can make them feel suffocated or affect their breathing.

  • For stomach sleepers under 130 pounds – Since such people are lightweight, they can do well with a firm mattress but not to a greater degree. Medium soft or Medium-firm is the perfect choice for them.
  • Those between 130 and 230 pounds – As their weight is more than the lightweight guys, they need more firmness in their mattress. Such people can opt for  Medium Firm to Firm to avoid extra pressure on their spine.
  • For those over 230 pounds – Heavyweight people can use a firmer mattress, preferably Medium Firm to Extra Firm, to help them sleep without experiencing any pain in their lower back.

Combination Sleepers

How to choose a mattress if you are a combination sleeper or keep changing your position while sleeping?

People that keep changing their sleeping positions are referred to as Combination sleepers or Rotisserie sleepers. Like other sleepers, such guys can also be any bodyweight – light, Medium, or heavy.

So, how should they choose their mattress?

The simplest way to go about it is to determine their primary sleeping position and then choose accordingly.

There are a couple of mattresses that are just great for combination sleepers. They offer good bounce so that they can adjust their position easily while sleeping. Not just this, they also come with excellent motion isolation so that their partners do not get disturbed when they change their position while sleeping.

Mattress Company Pricing and Policies

Though it is important to choose a mattress according to its type and sleeping position, a couple of other factors play a pivotal role in your ultimate decision to buy a good mattress.

It is important to know and understand the company’s policies regarding the warranty, replacement, etc., before you take the plunge so that you are not in for a rude shock when you actually do not find the mattress according to your liking. In short, you need to find the best place to buy a mattress, and we’ll help you.

The best part, however, is that online shopping has made most mattress companies more customer-friendly.

Nonetheless, it’s important to check out their policies related to shipping, returns, refunds, warranties, and pricing.

Best Mattress for Money

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One of the most important factors the determines your choice is the price of the mattress. It’s not like that the highest-rated mattress may have a high price tag; it totally depends on the quality and material.

Hybrid Mattress

Typically, hybrid mattresses are the costliest ones barring a few others. They can cost you within the range of $1500-$2000. This kind of mattress is usually preferred by people who want a good bounce in the bed. Not just this, people who want to sleep cool and sweat a lot also prefer hybrid mattresses. People who want to get pressure relief also prefer hybrids.

Last but not least, good edge support is another feature of such mattresses that makes them appealing to a wide range of people.

Latex Mattresses

A latex mattress can make you shell out anywhere between $1600 to $2000. It’s not inexpensive either. Such mattresses are a perfect choice for young couples who want an extra bounce in their beds. Sexually active people prefer latex beds. Usually, people who want only mild contouring opt for this kind of mattress.

Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress can cost you within the range of $900-$1500. They are famous for the “hug Feel” that they ensure. People who need sound motion isolation opt for this kind of mattress. Not just this, it is also preferred for being noise-free.


Polyfoam mattresses are the first choice of people looking for a greater degree of pressure relief or people seeking more motion isolation. This kind of mattress does not have coil components, and it is usually within the range of $900-$1300. Value seekers also opt for this kind of mattress.

Innerspring or Coil

A coil mattress can cost you anywhere between $300-$1100 and is highly preferred by budget shoppers. People who are not concerned about pressure relief or want to put an extra mattress topper on their bed prefer such mattresses. A coil mattress is supposed to be quite bouncy, too, but it makes a lot of noise. So, if you don’t mind the noise, it is an option that you may consider.


Most companies sell their mattresses as “mattress in a box” these days. It means that the mattress is shipped to your doorstep in a box, and when you open the packaging, the mattress gets expanded to its standard size. Shipping is usually accessible in most parts of the US, except for a few states and areas. This is what you need to check carefully before placing your order.

Many companies provide good support as far as setting up your mattress is concerned. They send their team to set up the bed and take away the old one. Now, in most cases, this service is likely to be free, but some merchants will charge you for this. So, you need to check this out well in advance to avoid surprises later.

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Sleep Trials and Returns

Sleep Trial is one of the essential features of such mattresses sold online. Most companies offer a 100-nights sleep trial, but top mattress brands in even 2021 stretch this trial period to as much as 365 nights or a whole one year.

It is important to note that most companies would want you to use the mattress for at least 30 days before you can lay your claim for a return or refund.

Even though you can quickly return the mattress if you are not happy with the results, certain charges may not be refundable. For instance, charges for faster delivery or white-glove delivery are non-refundable.

Moreover, when you ask for a refund, the company may take away your mattress or may ask you to drop it at a nearby location as a donation.


You need to check out the warranty clause very carefully, or you might be in for a surprise. Usually, a warranty covers manufacturing defects of the mattress, and they do not cover any damage that may occur because of normal wear and tear. Also, companies may not cover damages arising because of spills, etc.


Buying a mattress is an essential decision since it is a matter of comfort and a decision you will have to stick to for at least a couple of years.

You can choose one of the world’s best mattresses in 2021 from the list mentioned above so that you can get a good night’s sleep!

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